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Providing superior engaging e-learning to replicate the’ live’ classroom experience.



Our e-learning experience is a unique hybrid. We provide a blend of: Live Online Instructor Led in the Cloud with Real Operating Systems, Self-Paced, Live Mentoring and Saturday Bootcamps


All Class Sessions are archived for the student to review at their own pace.


  • Learn your way, anytime, anyplace that works for you. Connect through the web for learning experiences that may include a range of documents, videos, e-learning modules, live virtual classes and peer-to-peer discussions, all accessible via mobile devices.


  • Personalize your learning environment to suit your preferences and interests


  • Get a comprehensive view of your progress, accomplishments and upcoming requirements


  • Get timely reminders and prompts on due dates and other requirements


  • Collaborate with peers, teachers and identified experts to grow your knowledge


  • Create a living portfolio of your learning journey and share as you desire


Aspire Training Group has created a classroom-like environment with rich interactivity, collaboration, and engaging social connections, regardless of the distance or time differences between the faculty and students you will recieve a real-time virtual learning environment, to enabling you to take interactive lessons and complete your education remotely.