Benefits of Learning with Aspire

Why choose canned courses when you can have a custom learning expereince?

We keep our class size to a manageable 12 students or less.

We find this to be an appropriate number of students to facilitate a LIVE online environment. Large classes of 20 or 30 or more like some of the other training providers are less valuable for the students.


We have exceptional instructors.

They work in the IT field as their “day job”. They work with the “stuff” they teach about live online. This provides the highest quality of LIVE training. Our instructors share their real world experience with you through our LIVE night classes. They enjoy teaching and transferring some of their knowledge to you with relevant real-world experience and innovative teaching methods. You have access to these expert instructors in real time LIVE classes.


You can perform the LIVE labs 24/7.

Great for hands-on experience. You work with real equipment in the cloud. Most classes are one night class per week for seven weeks. This gives you seven weeks to practice and learn with live instructor support every week. The Labs are yours to practice with for up to six months.


Our Classes are accessible from any computer with an Internet connection.

This reduces your travel costs and time by allowing you to learn from almost any location


Our classes are archived for you to watch like an on demand movie.

View documents and presentations in real time and play back any class for review. You never miss a class, they are archived for up to six months. This allows you to watch them as many times as necessary.


Our LIVE platform has minimal technical requirements

It is easy to operate, giving you access to training from home, the office, or even when you are on the road. Experience LIVE, instructor led classrooms with LIVE “real-world” labs that develop your skills and prepare you to perform with confidence as an IT professional from anywhere in the world.


Our online LIVE training provides the same high-quality learning as in the classroom.

It includes LIVE lectures, discussions, demonstrations, exam preparation software and LIVE labs with real equipment, all while offering flexibility. Participate in discussions with your instructor and fellow students via live video and audio feeds


Our classes are truly hands-on, result-oriented, learning-by-doing and challenge-based.

These classes deliver the information, plus the skills and practices needed to add value to an organization and advance in your careers.


You receive exam preparation software that will be reviewed throughout the class.

The exam preparation software is yours to use for up to 90 days. You will have access online 24/7 to assist with preparing for the exam. Some class time will be utilized for exam preparation.


We’ve taken the pedagogy, tools, techniques, and best practices and created a smarter way to learn.

Our programs are designed for long term knowledge and skills retention as well as certification achievement success. Our training content is continuously updated and refined through real-life experiences.


We help our students learn at a measured rate.

Students are tasked with completing directed self-paced labs that prepare them for the next night of class. Modules of learning are delivered in bite sized pieces, and offer lots and lots of practice. No more Monday-Friday eight hour days sitting in a classroom or online. Increase your knowledge base one night per week. Take the time to retain the information being delivered and develop the newly acquired knowledge into something that can accelerate your career potential and goals.

"The key to success is lifelong learning, never stop Aspiring to be the best learner you can be."™

Robert Haw Founder of Aspire Training Group, Inc.

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