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A Letter From the Founder’s Desk

Our Founder is an IT guy with 25 years of experience.

He has experience as a technician, engineer and trainer.

You can call him (Bob Haw) directly his mobile # is 301-331-9697.



My name is Bob Haw. I am the Founder, President & General Manager of Aspire Training Group, Inc. For over 25 years I have been involved in the IT industry as a computer tech (CompTIA A+ certification), network engineer (CompTIA Network+ certification), systems analyst (MCSE – Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer), instructor (MCSE & CompTIA), MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer), courseware designer, project manager and student advisor (college partnerships). Aspire Training Group, Inc. started in 2004. Over the past 15 years, we have partnered with several colleges, developing and delivering up-to-date relevant subject matter for thousands of students.


I understand that you have several options available to learn new skills or update current ones. Most of us have very demanding schedules with minimal time available for classes. We need to make the most of our time. I feel that our “Challenge and Performance Based Learning” model is very respectful of the time you spend updating your skills.


Lifelong learning is most effective when students want to take charge of their learning. You should be taking classes that are learner inspired, directed and owned by you. Don’t settle for the “Lecture-Lab-Lecture-Lab” Monday-Friday your finished model. Be challenged, learn by failing. Take a class that gives you the space and independence to fail. Try, fail fast and learn fast. Do the classes you have taken in the past allow time for critical and creative thinking? How about time to reflect on the desired and actual outcomes of a lab? Have you ever participated in a class that spent time on the method to get to the appropriate outcomes and reviewed what the outcome provided? Do the classes you have previously attended allow time to access the path and assist you with actually understanding the application of the results? If you are interested in better results explore our challenge and performance based learning model. You will learn by doing and fail forward. You can’t learn if you don’t try and fail. The most successful people will tell you their greatest learning and successes were through trying, failing and trying again. Learn by being challenged enough to fail.


Thank you for your time and consideration,


Robert (Bob) Haw


If you have a question email or call me direct.



Mobile #301-331-9697

"The key to success is lifelong learning, never stop Aspiring to be the best learner you can be."™

Robert Haw Founder of Aspire Training Group, Inc.