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What to Consider

Choosing the right style of learning is important, and Aspire knows that. That is why we have complied a list of things you should consider while you are looking for your next certification.

Aspire Training Group Offers great flexibility, and...​


  • Small Classes with Maximum of Twelve Students


  • One night weekly 6:30-9:30 PM for seven weeks


  • Our Instructors Work with this technology Every day in Roles that
    Apply the Skills They are Helping You Learn


  • Classes are recorded for you to watch at your leisure


  • Access to the class recordings for three months


  • Labs available 24/7 for three to six months (not just during the class)


  • Not the traditional (think old) model of lecture-lab lecture-lab Monday-Friday eight hours every day.


  • One Night Weekly Helps Understanding, Retention and creativity


  • One night weekly minimizes the impact on home and work responsibilities


  • Learn by Doing – Solve the Challenges


  • Real World Scenarios


  • Less Guidance – Labs are your responsibility with discussion during class


  • Labs on Your Time are Self-Paced and Directed


  • Operate in Teams to Solve a Challenge


  • Take Time for Critical Thinking


  • Be Creative


  • Focus on the Process


  • Blended Class Discussion with Directed Self-Paced Tasks


  • Learner Driven with Structure


  • Incorporate the Solution with Reflection


  • Safe Pace to Try New Ideas


  • Fail, Receive Feedback and Try Again


  • Learn the Process of Achieving the Solution


  • Learn by Doing and Fail Forward


  • Scenario and Experience Based Learning


  • Challenge Yourself with Our Challenge Based Learning


"The key to success is lifelong learning, never stop Aspiring to be the best learner you can be."™

Robert Haw Founder of Aspire Training Group, Inc.